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Data Protection

Every organization of any size has data that they want to protect, whether that data is customer information, credit card data, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, strategic plans, etc. If you have ever found yourself asking these questions: 

  • What data do we protect?

  • How do we prevent data leaks and protect our sensitive information?

  • What controls and processes do we need to put in place? 

  • Where should we start with a Data Leakage Prevention framework?

  • The technology / products that we have deployed, do they really work as expected?


We at DLP24X7 can help you to fix your data leakage woes and ensure that you have a framework that works for you. If you already have a data protection solution that is unable to provide the results you expect, reach out to us so that we can help you create a framework which encompasses People, Processes, Technologies and that maximizes the full benefits of a Data Leakage Prevention program as well as reducing the risks of a devastating data breach. 

Most Data Leakage Prevention projects are solutions based and are simply stand alone products like DLP, CASB, IRM etc. Unfortunately, such deployments are unable to unlock the potential that a fully functional framework may offer.

​Our approach to creating a Data Leakage Prevention Framework  is business centric and it is our core belief that Data Leakage Prevention / Data Protection is a business challenge that must have the buy-in and participation at all levels of the organization. This challenge is growing fast as more and more countries are enforcing regulations / laws around Privacy like GDPR, PDPA etc. Our holistic approach sees us working with IT Security teams, finance departments, operations, human resources, as well as legal teams to actively participate, advise, and have input in the DLP policies and procedures that are established.


  • We have an experienced team which has delivered successful projects


  • Our approach is business centric not technology centric


  • Glasshouse approach for monitoring & management of your DLP


  • End to End services from consulting to deployment, monitoring, and day-to-day management


  • Vendor agnostic

Why choose us

Why choose us?
Our Services

Our Services

Data Flow Mapping & 
Data Classification

We need to understand, in your view, what data is most important to your organization. Leveraging our experience with other types of critical and sensitive data, our consultants help you find the important, critical, and sensitive data by mapping the data to each business unit and process. A ‘data map’ helps management to understand the scope of protection that the organization requires. Additionally, we may be able to show you ways to reduce your scope by focusing primarily on the data that you should protect.


Data Theft Monitoring

Our team of business analysts can help you monitor the Data Leakage / Theft incidents and inform your Incident management or IT security team of suspicious activities.  Our analysts also help fine tune the various technology solutions which have been deployed, to match your expectations and reduce false positives. 

Platform Implementation

We are here at every phase of the  project, and beyond. Our engineering team will help with the deployment of your various solutions, remotely or onsite, based on your requirements. Typical deployments consist of the following phases: 

  • Planning & Architecture 

  • Product Implementation

  • Testing

  • Go-live

  • Optimization 

In addition, we create your initial  policies, and we work with you to fine tune your solutions for up to six weeks, post-deployment.

Platform Management

Our team can help your organization manage your technology solutions on a day-to-day basis. We provide you with a service where your team can focus on business and our team takes over the technology platforms with regard to making: changes, policy creation, policy fine-tuning, updates, upgrades, and even re-installation, if necessary.

Ready to take the first step?

Are you ready to fix an existing Data Leakage Prevention program or are you ready to initiate a new one? Convinced and confused at the same time? Don’t know where to begin? Contact us and together we will help you resolve all your Data Protection questions......


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